Launch Your Business

Starting a food business can be a daunting task. The Food Hub is here to help with business planning, food safety training, hourly kitchen rentals, and market access.

Senties Kitchen

Step 1 - Set Up A Meeting With Us

Email us at to set up a meeting. The best time to reach out is now, regardless of how much planning you have done. We will discuss your food business idea and how to move forward. If using the Food Hub kitchen is appropriate, we will give you a tour to discuss equipment and storage options. Kitchen rental is just $25 to $30 per hour plus dry or cold storage fees.

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Step 2 - Plan and Prepare

Based on our initial meeting, we will set a course of action to get your business ready. This may include writing a business plan, getting your ServSafe Manager and Allergen Awareness certifications, getting products tested, writing standard operating procedures, selecting packaging, designing labels, preparing records, and obtaining liability insurance. We will guide you though all appropriate steps.

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Step 3 - Permitting

When ready, you will apply for a City of Worcester and/or Massachusetts wholesale food permit. Once your permit is in hand, you will be ready to make and sell your food!

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Step 4 - Make and Sell Food!

Now comes the fun part! We are here to help connect you with buyers whether in retail or by us selling through our wholesale channels. We host numerous events to get you started. We can also provide ingredients from our network of local farmers.